Mold Remediation

General Tips

1. Mold growth is dependent upon moisture. To prevent mold growth it is important to keep things dry.

2. Fix leaky pipes

3. Make sure that wet spots are cleaned up quickly

4. Fix roof leaks

5. Seal gaps around tubs and sinks to prevent water intrusion.

Mold6. Keep humidity in the home below 60% If mold or mildew has begun to grow in an area make sure that leaks are fixed then treat the area once it is dried.

7. Use an organic cleaner that not only kills mold but retards future growth. Bleach is an excellent disinfectant but check the area for color fastness.

8. Use Fans to dry areas that have become wet air circulation will decrease drying times and prevent mold growth. Carpet padding can still be wet even after the top of the carpet is dry. Sometimes it is necessary to lift up carpets and dry the padding and flooring underneath. Make sure that any area that is repeatedly wet is well ventilated and can periodically dry out IE: Foyers basements, garages.

9. Using a shop vac to clean up standing water may disturb mold spores and send them into the air. Prolonged exposure to the spores can cause breathing problems wear a NIOSH N95 mask or half-face respirator when investigating or cleaning mold growth.

Toxic black mold is TOXIC! Seek professional help to remove it.

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